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Just as the golden poppy flourishes in the bedrock, so do some of the world’s best wine grapes.

Just as the golden poppy flourishes in the bedrock, so do some of the worlds best wine grapes.

Breathtaking and foreboding, the Sierra Nevada is an awesome and majestic mountain chain composed of solid granite. Californias state flower, the golden poppy, sprouts from the granite and paints the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with a brilliant splash of color.

The Mokelumne River was born in the Sierra Nevadas granite passes. Over millennia, the rivers raging water carried decomposed granite west into the Central Valley of California, forming alluvial fans that comprise the renowned soils of an area known as the Lodi Appellation.

More than a century ago, settlers braved the harsh Sierra Nevada in search of a new life and staked their claims in Lodis rich, fertile soil. Granite Hill Cellars is an homage to the passion and pioneering put into crafting beautiful wines forged from granite.

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Granite Hill Cellars

Our Wines

Granite Hill Petite Sirah

Granite Hill Petite Sirah is a deep dark purple color with aromas of cherries and blueberries. The flavor is of plums and a warm berry pie followed by sweet vanilla oak that finishes with some soft and slightly spicy tannins.

Granite Hill Chardonnay

Granite Hill Chardonnay displays flavors of tropical fruits, like guava, apple, and passionfruit that lead into vanilla beans and a creamy medium finish. 100% Chardonnay, aged 4 months, New French Oak.

Granite Hill Old Vine Zinfandel

Granite Hill Old Vine Zinfandel is loaded with aromas of blackberry jam, followed by flavors of black cherries, strawberries, soft peppercorn, and sweet & smoky spice that finish long, flavorful and lingering.

Granite Hill Merlot

Granite Hill Merlot displays aromas of black cherries and black plums with light vanilla spice. Flavors of juicy dark fruits, sweet vanilla oak and a simple cedar lead to a finish that is full and mouth-filling.

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