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Wine is our life. It’s an OBSESSION.

Obsession Wines were born out of the numerous wine tastings around the world the team attended.  The style, the grace, and the uniqueness of the wines that started with Symphony were undeniable.  California born, the Symphony grape was created in 1948 at U.C. Davis by Dr. Harold Olmo.  This grape for many years was used as a blending grape for numerous wine brands.  When made on its own however is when the Obsession started.  An intriguing and unique wine, it created its own Obsession at tastings, which is where the name came from.  From the days of only one product; Symphony, the brand has since expanded its family to other varieties and wine styles.

The Obsession range is selected from premium Northern California vineyards that practice sustainability.  Fresh, fragrant, and delicious, this range of wines are popular in all crowds!  

Obsession in a Can 

Whether hiking, boating, listening to your favorite band, or simply kicking back reading a good book, or watching your favorite movie, Obsession cans are an ideal match.  Lightweight, recyclable, fast-chilling, and no glass or corkscrew required!

Obsession Fruit Infused Wines

Become infatuated with the seductive blend of Symphony and natural fruit-flavored wines.  The low alcohol and low-calorie wines are perfect for any occasion.  Whether you are in the mood for peaches, apples, or mangos, sip these by the pool, on the patio, hanging out with friends, or wherever your mood takes you.  

Obsession Wines

Obsession Wines

Our Top Sellers

Obsession Symphony

Obsession Symphony is a seductively aromatic wine with captivating aromas of gardenia, honeysuckle, and star jasmine. Flavors of this extremely enjoyable wine are tropical with peaches, pineapple, honeydew, and a hint of ginger, finishing crisp and clean.

Obsession Red Blend

Aromas take fold in an instant with an incredible spiciness! Cloves and nutmeg; chocolate and vanilla beans give way to flavors of blueberries, plums, chocolate and mint that swirl in your mouth of this rich, well-balanced and full wine. The finish is bold and lengthy.

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