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Where will Drifting take you?

Drifting often leads to something great! As is the case, when a winemaker collides with a vineyard that they immediately fall in love with. This is what happened when Steve M, Winemaker for Drifting Wines sauntered into the rich, sandy loam soils in Lodi.

After gazing into the sun-soaked vines, he felt  the urge to walk freely among them, select the beauty within the vines and  create wines that feel like you are floating above.

Drifting Wines

Drifting Wines

Our Wines

Drifting Merlot

Aromas and flavors of raspberry, cherry and mocha tantalize your senses and fill you with silky and soft tannins that blend to have a sweet and light vanilla oak finish. 

Drifting Chardonnay

Aromas of tropical fruit waft from the glass, leading to flavors of green apple, zippy citrus and lemon zest. Just the right touch of toasty notes before a smooth finish.

Drifting Old Vine Zinfandel

Sweet cherry, blueberry, pepper spice and plum aromas and flavors leap from the glass, sending one’s imagination back to a simpler time.

Drifting Sauvignon Blanc

Marvelous zesty citrus, juicy green apples, fresh peaches and delicious passion fruit dance together as they tantalize the nose and palate. Fresh, vibrant and light as a feather.

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